• Dear UPS Community, 

    Thank you so very much for your support during these first few weeks of the 2020-2021 school year. We are so happy that your sons and daughters are back at school, in person and  remotely.  Nothing compares to seeing their smiling faces and hearing them laugh, learn and talk with teachers and peers. Though it is a difficult time for all of us, we continue to move forward together.  

    As you well know, we spent countless hours planning for a school opening the likes of which none of us had experienced.  Using the best available guidance from health and education experts, we were confident in the hybrid model that we designed and are quite proud of how it has been working thus far.  However, like with any new plan or design, we could not anticipate everything until school began and have worked diligently to address every single unforeseen item, large or small, that has been brought to our attention to the best of our ability.  Again, I thank you for your support, as well as your feedback.  

    Please know that while we are acutely focused on the immediate needs brought on by the pandemic, we are also engaging in practices developed in our strategic and district improvement plans understood to be levers that we have collectively identified as ones that will move our district forward.  We continue to be thoughtful and deliberate as to where we invest our time, energy, and  resources.  As we continue to completely reshape how we meet the needs of you and your children during this crisis, we are also still laying the foundation of an excellent public school district for years to come.  

    Again, my sincere thanks for your continuous support of our efforts to educate and care for the children of Uxbridge. 


     Frank A. Tiano, Ed.D.   



Superintendent of Schools

Dr. Frank Tiano, Superintendent

Barbara Emerick, Superintendent Administrative Assistant