Whitin Weekly October 25th

Dear Whitin Families, 

The following is the update for the week of October 25th

As we enter into the last week of October a few reminders to parents and students particular to student’s remote days.  Students should be using the school issued Chromebook during the remote days including Wednesdays.  There are several programs students are required to use on their remote days that are monitored by the teachers while the students are working.  Teachers are not able to assist students or account for the completion of assignments and activities if the students are not using the school issued Chromebook.  I appreciate families' support with this.  


In addition, Wednesdays are a full day of school for students.  The morning schedule includes live virtual classes with the teachers and the afternoon includes various activities and tasks students are to complete independently.  While staff are involved in planning meetings and training during Wednesday afternoons they are monitoring students’ work and can be available to students if they need assistance.  


Trimester 1 Progress Reports 6th & 7th (only): Progress reports will be distributed on October 30th and November 2nd.  Full remote student progress reports will be mailed home.  Students only receive progress reports for the four core subjects; ELA, math, science and social studies.



Please see the attached information about safety on Halloween!


Whitin School Counci

Whitin School Council is seeking new members.  We will be holding monthly meetings virtually this year.  The School Council serves as an advisor to the principal on school improvement plans and budget requests.  


If you are interested in serving on the council please email me. ldemarco@uxbridge.k12.ma.us


Whitin PTO

Spirit Wear order deadline is November 2nd   https://think-local-printing-221de8.printavo.com/merch/whitingear2020/

Whitin’s 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest - Friday, October 30th

Families can carve their own pumpkins and drop them off at the school on Friday afternoon from 2:15pm-6:00pm. Pumpkins will be tagged upon arrival and then once dusk is upon us pumpkins will be judged. Please bring lights/tea lights for your pumpkin. If you would like your pumpkin back, please pick pumpkins up after our drive-thru viewing at 8:30pm. Prizes for the three categories will also be given out at pick up. PTO will dispose of any pumpkins not picked up.

Prizes will be given out for the most detailed pumpkin, most creative pumpkin, and the funniest pumpkin.

Most Detailed Prize: Family Fun Night Basket

Most Creative Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Funniest Prize: Giant Bucket of Candy

We invite families to drive through the circle at Whitin to see all of the carved pumpkins from 6:30pm-8:30pm. We ask that you stay in your car at all times.

Whitin Intermediate School Student Norms for Virtual Learning Sessions

Now that we have had a chance to welcome back all of our students,  we wanted to reach out to share with everyone what the on-line learning expectations are for our students:  


  1. Set up your learning space in a distraction free location.
  2. You should only be using your school issued computer while doing your school work.
  3. Put your school issued computer in one location. Do not move it during the online session. 
  4. Stay seated during the session, unless an emergency occurs.
  5. Turn your microphone on and off as instructed by the teacher.  Start all classes with your microphone

       off until the teacher tells you elsewise.

  1. Don’t try to do other things while on line, stay focused on the work being presented.
  2. Address the teacher and other virtual school students in a respectful manner, even when disagreeing

       with what is being said.

  1. Mute the microphone while you are not speaking.
  2. Use the chat feature to only talk about the topic being covered.
  3. Try not to speak over one another; use the “raise your hand function” to get the teachers attention.
  4. Please try to have your video on whenever possible in each on-line lesson.
  5. Remember that all Whitin school rules are in effect, even if you are learning from home.
  6. Please dress for your on-line learning classes just like you would if you were going to be in your classroom

        at Whitin


Nurse update:

Please click here to complete the Whitin Student Medical Information Form electronically. This form will need to be completed as soon as possible for every student enrolled at Whitin whether they are remote, hybrid or full week. 


Whitin Student Medical Information Form


A reminder: 

Students, with the assistance of families, must be monitored daily for COVID symptoms. Students must stay home if they are not feeling well.  Families should stay in contact with the school nurse, Ms. Kristin Gauthier if their child is feeling sick or showing any COVID like symptoms. 


Student Schedule:

Cohort A: 

In Person: Monday/Tuesday 

Remote: Thursday/Friday

Cohort B: 

Remote: Monday/Tuesday


Cohort C:

In-Person M-F

(Wednesday half day in-person)

Cohort D: 

Remote M-F



Cohort A, B, D: remote (synchronous and asynchronous classes)


Drop-Off and Pick Ups:

Starting this school year, we will be having the students going directly to their homeroom each morning, rather than to the cafe or gym, like in the past..


Students are being asked to enter and exit the school using the following doors:

Grade 4 will enter through Door #3 which is near the end of the building and go up the


Grade 5 will enter through Door #4 which is the entrance near the map

Grade 6 will enter through Door #2 or the main entrance

Grade 7 will enter through Door #12 which is off of the back parking lot.


For the safety of all: 

-please try to drop your children off on the school-side of Granite Street.

-all students should get out of the cars on the sidewalk side only at all times


Main Office Assistance:

A sliding window has been installed directly to the right of the front door which will allow for you to speak to the staff in the main office without coming into the building.  All transactions will be done through the window.  Please do not ring the bell in the front foyer.  



A reminder that Whitin Intermediate School is completely nut free. 


Parents for a Safe Graduation (PSG)

PSG 2021 Driveway Painting


A few reminders:

Students should be checking their Google Classroom as well as their school email frequently.  In addition, students should be charging their Chromebooks each night.




Leanne DeMarco, Principal

Visit: uxbridgeschools.com

Follow Whitin Intermediate on: 

Twitter @UxbWhitin

Instagram @whitinwarriors